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Get started finding and filtering people of peace using social media even if you don’t have a national partner (yet) or tech skills

Are you struggling with any of these pains?
1. Having a hard time finding people who actually WANT to be discipled…
2. Winning a national partner and having a reason to spend time with them…
3. Reaching other people groups in other regions of your country…

The Zero to Launch Course will help you GET STARTED building and launching online campaigns that result in finding people and/or households of peace.

No more head scratching of how to actually use social media in a powerful and effective way….

Instead get UP AND GOING quickly.

You will..

  1. Know the step-by-step to creating high converting ads on Facebook & Instagram so that you can spend less time scratching your head over technical mumbo jumbo and more time making disciples and working with national partners
  2. Know how to win national partners in your country… even if there aren’t a lot of believers,  so that you can get closer to seeing movement happen (nearly all movements happen through local believers)
  3. Know how to target people already interested in Jesus regardless of their geographical location. As long as people in your target people group have a smart phone and a social media account… they are LIKELY targetable with ads.

26% of the world population is on Facebook and/or Instagram. Why not utilize the technology available?

According to, Facebook is the top location for video consumption (higher than YouTube)
According to, 14% of ALL online activity happens in Facebook

Over 40 people representing over 25 countries have signed up for launch to dmm and are actively seeking to use media to start movement

“I am amazed by this team and this strategy. After seeing (JJ & JR’s) presentation on how to get started… it is abundantly clear they have stepped into a gold mine opportunity for impacting the Kingdom of God” – Phil, regional strategic advisor for North Africa

Get Zero to Launch Today! Regularly $500 today just $146

Here is the process:

  1. Fill out the SECURE link below. We ask some basic questions regarding security and your situation
  2. Once we accept your application we will send you a Stripe payment link for the cost of the course
  3. After receiving payment you will have access to the (ever-growing) collection of videos and resources so that you can get started

What the heck? You are charging money for this?

We’ve given away this course for free for the last year and received a lot of great feedback. We’ve also learned a few things since then.

Thats why we launched a version 2.0 of this course… what you are seeing now.

We also know from personal experience that you are much more likely to finish and apply what you learn in a course when you have to pay for it.

Bottom line… you USE what you INVEST in.

All the funds we receive from the course will go towards covering our costs to maintain this course.


“We recently launched the sermon on the mount funnel and already gotten 9 responses of people wanting follow up” – Calvin in the Middle East

Here is what you will get in the course….

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get started advertising on Facebook to find hungry, open, people (and households) of peace (value: $500)
  • How to organize, plan, and execute a social media content strategy that consistently gets people engaging with your page and contacting you wanting either a Bible or a meeting (value: $120)
  • The 3-part process of finding, approaching, and partnering with local believers to work with you in doing M2DMM (value: $500)
  • How to find a “digital hero”, create a Facebook account, and “season” that account so you don’t get blocked (value: $200)
  • A free CRM (customer relationship management) tool to organize and dispatch contacts to make sure new contacts don’t go through the cracks + training on how to use this tool
  • Our pre-made funnels, outlining how we move people from an internet browser to having a face-to-face meeting (value: $500)
  • BONUS #1: Written-for-you posts, so you can get up and running RIGHT AWAY with your page (value: $500)
  • BONUS #2: The Launch Checklist, an easy to use PDF of all the steps you need to take so you can get rockin’ right away (value: $50)
  • BONUS #3: A 30-minute coaching call, after you have gone through the course and launched a few ads, you are eligible to get on a call with us and one of us will speak into what you are doing and help with any hang-ups you may have encountered (value: $100)

Total Value: $2,470
Cost to you: $146

Refund policy

After 30 days you’ve gone through the whole course, taken action on all the steps, and still don’t think the course was worth the money… email us as contact @ m2dmm . Com and we will refund every penny immediately.

Comparing the cost of the course to a conference…

Lets say you would rather fly out to us and receive training…

The tickets could cost upwards of $2000 alone…

You would need to spend around $400 in hotel lodging for the week…

Then there is maybe around $100 MINIMUM for food.

So we are looking at $2500 in travel expenses if you wanted to come to us to be trained…

Lets compare that to the $146… where you can access the Zero to Launch course anywhere, anytime.


Q: Why are you charging for this? Shouldn’t it be free?
A: We have found that people who INVEST into a product or service are more likely to take action on it. We want you to actually execute your M2DMM strategy.

Q: What if I have additional questions when going through the course?
A: No problem, if after going through all the videos there are a few topics still fuzzy to you… just fill out a “questions/requests” ticket and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Q: Is this course in languages other than English?
A: Regretfully, at this time we are only offering Launch M2DMM in English

Q: How do I pay? Is that secure?
A: We manually process every application. After you have filled out the form below and we accept your application, we will send you a link using a secure payment platform called Stripe to collect payment. Once we receive the payment we will add you as a member to the course lickety split.